I’m Vanessa. I’m 19. I play steel drum and piano, and I attempt to sing. I love school most of the time. I’m left-handed. I’m a high school graduate, currently attending a community college and working towards a pharmacy technology certificate. I hate getting up early, so I structure my schedule to avoid anything before 9 AM. I’m loud, I’m disorganized, and my friends are a big huge walking embarrassment sometimes, but I love them anyway. I am the first to admit that I’m not always the most emotionally stable person in the world. I read more than is good for me and I attempt to look for joy in everything, even homework (it gets hard sometimes, I admit it). My favorite flowers are white Iceland poppies, my favorite animal is the platypus, my favorite country is Ukraine, my favorite language is currently Russian, my favorite color is that dusty blue that everything turns just before the sun finally goes down and my favorite patterns are swirly-doos. That is all.