1. The last twelve hours have literally been the best twelve hours of my life. ‘Nuff said.

2. This is a very picture-heavy post. Enter at your own risk.

That’s better. Now, as the vast majority (read: all) of you know, it started snowing this morning. So of course as soon as I got home, I alerted my parents to my presence, grabbed my hat, gloves, and camera, and went right back outside to take pictures. And I’ll probably take more later because it’s still falling.

So here’s my photodump.
snow day 2013 001
snow day 2013 019

snow day 2013 002

snow day 2013 005

snow day 2013 008

snow day 2013 009

snow day 2013 006

^This one is the asparagus in my dad’s garden. It’s all foresty and the chickens love it.
snow day 2013 011

snow day 2013 015

snow day 2013 018

^and this one is the flower/other plants bed in front of the house. Now, an hour after taking this, it’s almost completely covered in snow. Holy crap.

So there’s my photodump of the morning. More will be coming later, while I’m watching my sister. She might make a snowman. :P