“His moustache is broad enough to have its own postcode.”
“You take note of the Corporal’s bulging forehead veins, and seriously consider fleeing into the Jungle.”
“NAOHW! The first exercise we’re going to perform today is a role-playing exercise! I want you to imagine that you’re not really here, but instead, you’re sat in a comfy chair somewhere about seventy years ago with a computer or a mobile phone, playin’ some sort of “browser-based text adventure game” and just readin’ about your experiences ‘ere today! And then I want you to reach out towards your keyboard, and press the ‘F’ key! That’s ‘F’ for Foxtrot! An’ if you have JavaScript disabled, it’s likely that nothing will happen, and you can simply click on the link and ignore anything I say about the keyboard!”
“You gawp at the man, now convinced that he’s living in some sort of fantasy world.”