More reasons I still go on tumblr


Tumblr 1: ^very true….however to defend us gentlemen, you girls are kinda hard to find irl. Please attend more parties and social events.

Tumblr 2: If we went to parties, we wouldn’t be nerd girls.

Tumblr 3: We can be found at book stores, and libraries.

Tumblr 4: and often wearing fandom shirts

Tumblr 5: sometimes crying

Tumblr 6: usually crying

Tumblr 7: always crying

Tumblr 8: We DO occasionally attend parties, but when we do, guess what, we look exactly like all the other girls. We don’t go to parties with our homestuck hoodies and carrying our gameboys out in the open. We’re wearing that one nice but uncomfortable dress we only wear once a year. The three books we brought with us ‘just in case’ have been fitted into our normal looking purse with a skill and precision that borders on the magical. We’d give anything to have an in-depth discussion on the latest episode of Doctor Who, but after the first few failed attempts to explain it to people in our life we’ve realized it’s just easier to smile and small talk and plot a lengthy blog post for later in our heads. The bravest among us might be wearing some small bit of rebellion. A TARDIS pin, or a time-turner necklace, or batman socks. It’s not that none of us go to parties, but those that do are usually in camouflage. It’s easier to spot us in our natural habitats, like the fantasy/sci-fi aisle of the library, bookclubs, arcades, and comic conventions. I’m just saying, you’ve already got a huge challenge ahead of you if you’re looking for nerd girls at your typical party, and if there is one there, she’s probably bored and uncomfortable and trying not to advertise her nerdiness very loudly.

Helpful Tip: We’re attracted to games more than alcohol or conversation, so if there’s one girl playing pool inside while everyone is outside in the SWIMMING pool, there’s a good chance she’s one of us.