picspam, I guess?

This is a bunch of pictures that I probably meant to post here at some point but never really got around to. Starting with the oldest, which is God-only-knows-how-old. Well, I suppose I could know. I just don’t feel like opening up the photo details on my phone. Whatev.

The bear that I got years ago from a friend. She gave it to me simply because it matches my bedsheets. XP

M&Ms. It was a bad day.

Cappuccino smiles :3

One of my favorite places in the world. That I know of, at least. It’s a little almost-road that kind of goes down a wash. Really more of a maintenance trail for the power lines than a road. But it’s green and shady and really very nice, sometimes. When it’s not flooded or buggy or terribly hot. I used to walk my dog here.

Y’all remember like, two weeks ago when it rained like no other? Well, I was at Pima for the whole thing and I managed to take this without getting soaked to the bone. It’s water and it’s mud and there’s rocks and plants and it’s just beautiful and it makes me happy. :)