UU: imagine that the Universe is contained inside a very large creature.
UU: say, a great big frog.

TG: frog
TG: why a frog thats so silly

UU: it’s just a frog! that is the way it is, just try to imagine it.

TG: k
TG: picturin
TG: big ol space frog
TG: all ribbiting loud an being huge
TG: hehehe

UU: now imagine that not only does the Universe exist inside it, depending on the creature’s health and well being to survive…
UU: but every potential instance of that Universe exists inside as well.
UU: those that are doomed and those with promise.
UU: even those that were reset from scratch, with slightly different starting conditions.
UU: all of those interrelated Universes mingling together inside your frog, inextricable from its physiology.
UU: if the frog dies, they all go with it. eventually.

TG: then you are saying some rude a-hole is killin our frog

UU: sadly, yes.

TG: wow
TG: that is
TG: just….