So, I realize this is several hours late, but around lunchtime I was driving around with good ol’ Steven Cameron and that Will Cross was following us. (Steven took pity on my transportationless state and offered me a ride home.) We were going down Vail/Wentworth/Colossal Cave/whatever they call that road now, and we were about to pass Dairy Queen, and out of nowhere, Steven said “I feel like Dairy Queen. Do you feel like Dairy Queen? I want Dairy Queen. Whaddayasay we go to Dairy Queen? We’re going to Dairy Queen!” and took that corner at what must’ve been at least 35 mph and we went to Dairy Queen. Will followed us there, too. And after we all got our frosty sustenance (except Will. He got a sandwich, the tart.), Steven, Will, Cole, Denison, Renee and I sat outside Dairy Queen and talked and made fun of Cole. It was a good way to end a morning of sitting practice. :)