Okay guys, let's get this straight.

Neurological disorder: a physical and mental disorder of the nervous system. Some symptoms can manifest as similar to those of mental illness, but they cannot be cured. Behaviors can be mitigated by medication (usually), but not cured. The patient will have a slightly altered life from that which we perceive as “normal”. Examples: Rhett’s syndrome, palsy, any disorder resulting from lack of a corpus callosum, Down’s syndrome, and almost all developmental disorders.

Psychiatric disorder: caused by a disruption in biochemical processes in the brain that directly affects the patient’s thought processes and emotions. The resulting chemical imbalances can be fixed by medication in the proper doses. Once on such medication, the patient may go about a daily life free from any difficulty caused by the imbalance. Examples: Depression, Schizophrenia, OCD (to an extent), Dissociative Personality disorder, and Insomnia.

Doctors, listen to me: My little sister has a neurological disorder. Yes, I am aware that I am 18, going to college to study art, and am definitely not qualified to diagnose anything worse than a scrape, but hear me out. Trying to find a miracle cure to make her life completely normal is wasting our time and money. You mean well, I’m sure, but you will not find a cure for her. You can try whatever you want, but I am tired of having my parents coming home to tell me that just because I had a hope that maybe my sister would come home even just the tiniest bit more calm, you were trying to diagnose her with a psychiatric disorder and treated her as though that were the case. It’s not as simple as that. We’ve known that for years. We’ve told every doctor in the state of Arizona that she doesn’t have a psychiatric disorder and her behaviors aren’t the direct result of a chemical imbalance and you have ignored us every single time. You sit there in your clinics and see patients that have really good insurance and concrete diagnoses and give them drugs to make their lives normal again. It helps them, and I respect that you do that. I myself have a psychiatric professional to thank for my semi-normal existence. But I have ADD-H/Depression, and Anna has PDD/Autism. You cannot treat two completely different disorders in two completely different fields as though they’re the same thing. Stop trying. Stop giving us hope and tearing it away. And please, for the love of God, don’t do the same thing to others.