So. Camping.

Left yesterday afternoon. Took us an hour and a half to get there. We were here:

Ummm…zooming in.

Yeah. Better.
Anyway, we got there, we set up the tent, and I went and clambered up some boulders to find a good place to read while Anna and Dad went to the cave. I never got to go to the cave. Apparently it wasn’t much of a cave. I wouldn’t know.
So these boulders were all at least 30 feet tall. I think the tallest one we climbed was 100, and we only climbed that one because it looked like Pride Rock and Anna wanted to find Simba’s den. We actually climbed that this morning…woo out of order. Yes. Um…stir-fry for dinner, eggs and bacon for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch. I started barfing my guts up shortly after lunch, and haven’t stopped since we got home around 5. Best trip ever. Whoop-de-frickin-do.