Was amazing and wonderful and I’m totally just saying that because I know Alex is going to read this.


Kyle, Kyle, and I got to Alex’s house at pretty much exactly the same time. I’m not sure if they were following me or what ’cause when I say exactly, I mean Alex thought we’d all come in the same vehicle. We got there and were greeted first by a Mrs. Frank, then by a barefoot Alex who beckoned us all into the house.
We followed (not at all) skeptically.
We entered the front door and were prevented from further entry by a slightly befuddled Alex (still barefoot) asking where Lizzie was/when she would get there. See, Liz? I told you we would miss you. I broke the sad news that Lizzie was not to be joining us today and there were tears shed.
Two minutes later we were all in the kitchen discussing snacks.
Then we sat in the room (I don’t really know what to call it) and we put on the first movie. Honestly, I was exhausted and almost fell asleep several times, but Kyle kept moving, the rascal. That boy does not know how to hold still. Love you, Kyle.
We sat through pretty much the whole first movie before we got up at all. Well, I say pretty much.
The reality: We must’ve paused it fifty times to hold various short-lived discussions, then once for an hour so we could eat lunch. I’m not complaining, it was extremely entertaining to see guys my age in their natural habitat, totally geeking out over races and breeds and making characters and weapons and…stuff. It was great. I spent a lot of the time listening and occasionally shaking my head and laughing.
So we finally finished the first movie. I don’t know how we did it.
On to the second.
Or so we thought.
Kyle One had to leave early for some unknown reason, and Kyle Two was getting a ride with him. They were set to leave at 4:30.
Kyle Two elected to have me take him in my (parents’) modest equippage so that he could stay longer and it wouldn’t just be me and Alex awkwarding around the house until I got picked up.
Back to the movie.
We skipped pretty much all the sappy parts and all the slow parts and heavily analyzed the battle scenes because we thought half the party would be leaving early. Once we realized that we were wrong, we…were kind of at a loss as to what we should occupy ourselves with. I believe there was an unspoken consensus against the third movie. We played Rock Band instead. I won a lot of it, after I convinced my hand that it was not, in fact, playing a real keyboard. (I was also playing on easy…on the impossible songs. We won’t go there.) Point in fact, I won a lot of it. That is what matters.
Then…Kyle discovered the runny thing.
Then…Kyle discovered the phone box. And left various people creepy messages on their phones *coughcoughMINEcoughcough*.
Then…we were bored. So we played a silly board game and that passed the time while my mother managed to misplace a text that I sent with directions to get there and pick me up. For the record, her phone did receive it. I checked.
She picked up Kyle and me and although we left with tears running down our cheeks, we knew it was not goodbye, merely…see you later.