When you love someone, i mean really love them so bad that it hurts to be apart from them for very long, there’s a bond. it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, nor do the two of you have to be the best people on the planet, but it’s definitely there. and when you both realize it, it becomes the sweetest thing in the world to tune in to. it turns into a form of communication that transcends words. “i know you because i love you” turns into “you are the best thing all the time and it is because i know you that i love you.” it is not because we are young that we cannot love deeply, it is because we are afraid. when your love grows strong enough to reach over that boundary, you become so much closer and no matter how sad you are, the world takes on a new brilliance. it’s faint, but it’s there. and all i want is for it to stay with me forever. <3